Steelhead Fishing Trips Sacramento

“Steelhead Fishing Trips in Sacramento, CA"

When looking for the West Coasts Steelhead fishing opportunities look no further than the Sacramento River, where anglers of all ages and skill levels enjoy an abundant run of Sacramento River Huge Steelhead every year. Every year anglers enjoy multiple hook ups of Steelhead Fish from 4 pounds to 20 pounds.

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sacramento river steelhead fishing trips sacramento river steelhead fishing trips

Sacramento River Steelhead Fishing Trips

The Sacramento River, CA has some of the best steelhead fishing in book a trip with Dave Jacobs, you will be able to see his recommended places to fish and tips on how to catch stripers on a charter in the Sacramento River in 2022. Our guides will show you where to find stripers during the river's run-off period, as well as when there's little water in the river, so you'll always have an answer if someone asks where are the best places to catch stripers in Sacramento River in 2022. Best of all, we'll also share with you how to catch those big steelhead fish that live in the Sacramento River!

Steelhead Fishing Trips in Sacramento, California!

sacramento river steelhead fishing trips sacramento river steelhead fishing trips

Monster Steelhead Fishing Spots! Book A Charter With Dave Jacobs Fishing Guide Service

sacramento river steelhead fishing trips sacramento river steelhead fishing trips

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sacramento river steelhead fishing trips


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The Sacramento River, located in Northern California, provides some of the best steelhead bass fishing in the state. Here are some our shared catch experiences. If you’re looking to hook this fish and enjoy a vacation fishing trip call Dave Jacobs Fishing Guide

Your guided Sacramento River Steelhead fishing charter will go out of any of these locations, Corning, California Red Bluff, California Anderson, California Woodson Bridge, California Chico, California Ord Bend, California Hamilton City, California

We cater to both big and small parties on our Sacramento River Steelhead Fishing Charters
Call (530) 646-9110 for best dates and discounts on large booking for Sac River Steelhead Fishing Trips with Dave Jacobs

steelhead fishing trips in sacramento ca




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