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Sacramento River fishing September 4, 2020 Guide Dave Jacobs of Professional Guide Service with large group of Sacramento River king salmon caught in early September 2020.

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Sacramento River king salmon fishing report

Big Baits…Big Fish!!

A big push of Fall run Sacramento River king salmon have made a strong showing this week. The sheer size of many of these salmon shows just how healthy these kings are this season.

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Sacramento River salmon fishing guide Dave Jacobs of Professional Guide Service with a Sascramento River king.

There has been many smaller jack and “jumbo jack” salmon brought in as well. These jack salmon are a great future run indicator for next years run.

There are many ways to catch these king salmon but one technique in particular has been very successsful in targeting the largest of the king salmon.

Sacramento Fishing Charters

Sacramento River salmon charter

With the heavy feed in the salt this season, salmon have engorged themselves to make the long last journey upriver to the spawnning grounds feeding on krill and schools of anchovies. While targeting the largest of the salmon in the Sacramento River, sardine wrapped “old style” kwikfish and flatfish have, hands down, produced the bigger salmon.

Backbouncing “old style” kwiks in the best “moving” and “holding” waters has produced savage strikes on king salmon in the high 20 and low 30 pound class. This week we have really seen an increase in the number of hook ups (see “salmon chew toys” pics below) and the fish boxes are filling up here in September.

Back bouncing our home cured roe and a puffball has also scored on some very big king salmon. Another great way to get your king salmon has been “dragging” or “boondoggin” small roe/puffball combos. This is a great way to pick up king salmon in all of the holding/moving waters as well.

September is here and the Sacramento River salmon run will build for the rest of this month making for some great salmon fishing. If catching your own Sacramento River salmon is something that interests you, bring your family and freinds here to the Sacramento River. Call guide Dave Jacobs of Professional Guide Service at (530)646-9110 We have lots of room for all of you no matter the size of your group, be it large or small…”we have been perfecting Sacramento River salmon fishing since 1985!”

Wanted to personally thank all of the guides and outfitters that have helped us send all of our families and freinds home with many pounds of fresh filleted salmon this week. Thank you guides…Steve Lowery, Ryan Tripp, Mike Rasmussen, Jacob Frye, Jerry Frye and Robert Petty.

Sacramento Fishing Charters

Sacramento River fishing report August 20, 2020 is courtesy of Dave Jacobs Professional Guide ServiceThe right stuff…

Everyday we head to the river fresh, rested and ready to throw our best stuff at the Sacramento River king salmon. The best proven plugs, top home cured roe, the best cut baits and combos available…all what we all think is the right stuff.

Some days feast other days famine! This is the time of year that the most salmon begin to show in the Sacramento River, late August and all of September…primetime! When you salmon fish everyday, when large schools of salmon are coming through and you are there with the “right stuff” great things happen.

This past weekend we experienced some pretty strange weather bringing strong thunder and lightning along with cooler temperatures and off and on rain showers.

I’d imagine that the day before this storm hit would be the reason we did so well salmon fishing on Saturday. Sunday however, a much different mood the salmon were in. We did manage several salmon on Sunday but Monday…day two of the rainy weather…the salmon had adjusted to this low pressure system and were on the chew!

As I said earlier, showing up with the “right stuff” everyday really paid off when you put your customers in position for a phenomenal salmon fishing day on the Sacramento River. Seven passes…six large salmon hooked…fought and landed later…the kind of salmon fishing day we all show up for and hope that happens.

Finely tuned “old style” kwikfish with our special bait wrap combo was defintely the stuff the kings were into on this particular fishing day.

Enjoy all the photos of the Fama family up from Simi Valley for their 15th annual family salmon charter with Dave Jacobs Professional Guide Service.

If catching big bright Sacramento River king salmon is something you see yourself doing, give us a call today. It may sound like guides are all booked up but believe me, we have lots of room for you and your family and friends.

Call guide Dave Jacobs direct at 1 (530) 646-9110 to book your own salmon fishing vacation today!

Dave Jacobs Professional Guide Service…”we have been perfecting Sacramento River king salmon fishing since 1985!”