1. Do I need to bring my own equipment?

No. Dave uses only the best equipment, G. Loomis rods, light tackle, all matching equipment and very top quality. On a few occasions anglers have brought their own rod, but seldom use them! All equipment is maintained and set up for peak performance!

2. What type of boat do you have?

I have a 22 ft. Alumaweld Outboard Jet Boat(www.alumaweldboats.com) – this is THE boat preferred by the top guides. It is also the roomiest and most comfortable boat to fish out of.

3. How many anglers can you take on the boat?

can easily accommodate 4 anglers on the boat (sometimes more at your request). For larger parties we will secure other boats with the best top quality guides. It is you and your party on the boat – we DO NOT mix parties together.

4. Can you accommodate a large party or corporate account?

I can take 4 anglers on my boat and in some instances I can take up to 6. For larger parties, we would secure other top quality professional guides. If I can’t find a guide who will do a good job for you I will let you know. Only the best – we want you to have an excellent fishing trip.

5. What license/stamps do I need to fish the Sacramento River?

You need your regular California Fishing License. When fishing for steelhead you need a steelhead punch card. When fishing for North Coast Salmon (Trinity, Klamath, and Smith Rivers) you need a North Coast Salmon punch card. White Sturgeon fishing you need a Sturgeon punch card.

6. What else should I bring on the trip?

Hats, sunglasses, sunscreen, lunch/drinks and of course the appropriate fishing license. Anglers keeping fish need an ice chest to take their fish home. For salmon you need a big ice chest!

7. What type of clothing should I wear?

In the summer months it gets hot, but the first light of the day on the river is cool even on those hot days. Always have a pair of sweats to put over your shorts and a sweatshirt. In the fall and winter you need warm clothing. Jackets, hats, and rain gear. Watch the weather and you can always call our toll-free number for current weather conditions.

8. Should I bring rain gear?

During the summer months it seldom rains. It’s always a good idea to bring rain gear – just in case. You can always leave it in your car, or I have lots of room in the boat.

9.Do you fish in the rain?

Yes, we fish in the rain but only if we know there’s good fishing out there (in fact, some of the best days have been on a rainy day). We never take you out, if it looks like a total blow out and not a good chance at catching fish. Bring rain gear!

10. What type of a deposit do you require?

A half deposit is required on all fishing trips, and the balance due the day of the trip. A 14-day cancellation notice is required for refund of any deposits.

11. Do you have gift certificates for sale?

Yes, we have professional gift certificates accompanied with a business card and brochure.

12. Do you have references?

Yes. When fishing full time, year round, you get to fish and make friends from all around the west coast and the beyond!

13. Are there motels in the area?

Yes. We can give you suggestions of motels in the area you will be fishing. Many of the motels offer a “fishing rate”. Call direct to the motel when making a reservation and ask if they offer a “fishing rate”.

14. Where are you located?

We live in Redding California(Located in the heart of Northern California’s “GOLDEN CIRCLE”) approximately 160 miles north of Sacramento. We travel all over the North State and Southern Oregon – depending on where the fish are biting!