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Many have seen our salmon jumping videos recently from our Sacramento River guided fishing trips.  I made the  jokingly comment that I would make a million dollars from our slow motion salmon jumping video….well I think Mike Rasmussen and Robert Petty might make one and a half million on this video!  Great Job!  ENJOY THE VIDEO!

How’s the fishing been?

Year in and year out you can count on things about to happen,  like the changing of the seasons from Summer to Fall.  The Sacramento Fall run of king salmon arrival is no different as every year the early arriving salmon show in early to mid July and then the run builds through early to late August.  We are here now… the leading edge of the bulk of the Sacramento and Feather River Fall run king salmon.

I get asked everyday “How’s the fishing been?” and I give close to the same answer every time.  Being a full time fishing guide you have to be the ultimate optimist.  You give your answer in a postive manner and get to salmon fishing.  Many days I may have really done well the day before but that answer is a double edged sword as to if you say you really whacked them yesterday and say “we hooked seven and landed five” and then only hook three today and get all three it can be somewhat of a let down.  None of us have the crystal ball and know exactly how it’s going to be today on the river. Limits or near limits… many factors determine what any anglers success is going to be on any given salmon fishing day on the river.

Here on the Sacramento River I try not to get to worked up on all the excuses or reasons the fishing is so good or slow on any given day.  The moon phase, boat traffic, water temperature, low or high pressure systems…all good reasons as to why but the best I do is show up with the right stuff every morning and let it rip!  We know we have the right stuff going out everyday and here on the Sacramento River the run is building right now and peak salmon season is fast approaching!

Just like the changing seasons you can count on what is about to happen on the Sacramento River in late August and all of September….the most king salmon staging to spawn in the Sacramento and Feather Rivers at a given time.

From what I have seen in fish pics out of the Golden Gate recently, the size of the king salmon heading our way are big and fat!  I have cut off all of the 30 pound leaders on our “old style” kwikfish Loomis rods and have bumped it up a notch to 40 pound PLine CXX, getting ready for your trophy Sacramento River king salmon!

If salmon fishing here on the Sacramento River is something that interests you please give me a call, I will answer or return your call personally!  Call guide Dave Jacobs at (530)646-9110 today for your very own Sacramento River salmon fishing charter.  We are available to salmon fish with you seven days a week….Dave Jacobs Professional Guide Service…we have been perfecting salmon fishing since 1985!